Thank You For Your Service

The Trials and Triumphs from the Journey of a Female Army Sergeant in Desert Storm

Thank You For Your Service is an inspiring autobiography of Tonya Kerrin, a 19-year-old Columbus, Ohio nurse who became a 101 Airborne Air Assault, Screaming Eagles Sergeant, and Desert Storm Veteran.

This book will show readers how her excellence in the small details of army life has shaped her journey from single parenthood to holistic nursing. It will also challenge your thinking and open your eyes to different perspectives on service and bravery by giving you insight into the struggles faced by female veterans.

The point-of-view provided by Tonya’s story will help readers to understand why veterans deserve our respect and thanks. In addition, her current work as an instructor, wellness nurse consultant, and speaker will inspire you to find your inner strength and use it to serve others. Tonya’s story will leave you thankful and inspired from her playful days with the Sugarhill Gang to her current endeavors.

Thank You For Your Service will teach you lessons about service and bravery and help you understand a female veteran’s struggles. Let Tonya’s story guide you in understanding why veterans deserve our respect and appreciation.

About the Author

From the playgrounds of Columbus, OH, to the battlefields of Iraq, Tonya Kerrin has been serving and inspiring others for nearly three decades. The story of her journey is one of courage, resilience, and self-discovery in the face of adversity.

In her autobiography, Thank You For Your Service, Tonya recounts her experiences as a 101 Airborne Air Assault Seargent during Desert Storm. She shares how she used the discipline taught to soldiers to catapult herself into a lifetime of battles fought with various weapons – from single parenthood raising three black men in America to becoming a holistic nurse helping people through trauma and chronic ailments.

Tonya now works as a certified instructor at The Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education, a wellness nurse consultant, and a speaker passionate about helping people find their inner strength, beauty, and purpose. She also works as a one-on-one coach for those suffering from PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues.

Her story is an inspiring reminder to all of us that no matter how difficult life’s battles may be – we can overcome them if we set our minds to it. With her unique combination of biofeedback, aromatherapy, and techniques, Tonya helps to unlock the feelings of trauma and emotional pain trapped within our bodies – offering a safe and gentle path towards healing.

Thank You For Your Service

The Trials and Triumphs from the Journey of a
Female Army Sergeant in Desert Storm

Chapter 1 – The Start

This chapter is about why I joined the army, how I prepared and got ready for the army, and my first flight.

Chapter 2 – The Basic Training

This chapter is about how training helped me develop character building and how I work / trained all day and night.

Chapter 3 – Overseas

This chapter is about my training in AIT, becoming a newlywed/motherhood, going to a new country at 19 years old, and working in Worm.

Chapter 4 – Fort Campbell

This chapter is about becoming a Screaming Eagle, my time and people I met in True North, and going to the Desert Storm.

Chapter 5 – Air Assault

This chapter is about the challenges of being a female officer, and doing air assault school.

Chapter 6 – The Invasion

This chapter is about what it was like to prepare mentally and physically when being called into action.

Chapter 7 – Tent City

This chapter is about what it was like to live in tents on a dessert, what it was like as a women in the war, and all the hard parts of Desert Storm.

Chapter 8 – Overseas Again-Really?

This chapter is about dealing with personal issues, and getting a new reassignment.

Chapter 9 – That’s All Folks; I’m Done

This chapter is about my second deployment, being in Germany, and being on tank duty.

Chapter 10 – The Return to Civilian World

This chapter is about my love for the army, and how I adjusted to reality.

Thank You For Your Service

The Trials and Triumphs from the Journey of a Female Army Sergeant in Desert Storm

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